The Inaugural Convert2Media/Mobooka Race Day!

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To celebrate our recent ranking on the Inc. 500 list, the Convert2Media and Mobooka crews hit Orlando Kart Center on Friday for our first annual Race Day. It was glorious.

So yes, we did race go-karts (not Steve’s Lotus) but these were some very serious go-karts. These were Tony Karts.

If you’re like me and have never heard of them, Tony Karts aren’t your typical “family fun” go-karts. They are imported from Italy and they drive up to 45 miles per hour, which is pretty crazy given how small and lightweight they are.

These carts are designed for Formula One-style competition and are not to be messed around with. The owner of Orlando Kart Center, the location of our races, is the only Tony Kart importer in the United States.

Once we all had chosen our helmets and set up our race driver names, the competition was on.

Check out this footage of the final race!

Hunter West of Mobooka (a.k.a. CallMeMaybe) took home the gold trophy after shutting out C2M Network Manager Mike Kerry (a.k.a. GetSmokedFool) for the win. Jason Kunisch of Mobooka (a.k.a. DerpMcGirk) took third place.

Congrats, Hunter! (a.k.a. CallMeMaybe)

Sorry, Mike and Jason, but to quote infamous race car driver Ricky Bobby, “If you ain’t first, you’re last.” Congrats, Hunter, for taking home the gold!

Honorable mentions go to Business Development Manager Robert Dolan (a.k.a. El Arbol) who had the best lap time at 70.865 seconds, putting his top speed at 40.6 miles per hour.

I also have to give a major shout out to the newest member of Convert2Media, our amazing Campaign Manager Melissa Clarady (a.k.a Whitearican) who bravely represented the girls of C2M and sucessfully beat out four of the guys. (After our first two races, programmer Megan and I decided to choose life and opted out of the remaining races.) Melissa will surely be in the winner’s circle in the next go-around.

Here’s the final rankings:

The racers’ names are as follows:

1. CallMeMaybe – Hunter West
2. GetSmokedFool – Mike Kerry
3. DerpMcGirk – Jason Kunisch
4. El Arbol – Robert Dolan
5. HoweMoney – Steve Howe
6. Super Donkey Punch – Kiley Lenstrom
7. Cam – Camren Majors
8. Stylee – Payton Jass
9. Obry – Obry!
10. Inhale My Fumes – Matt Hoyler
11) Whitearican – Melissa Clarady
12) Jim Whitney (The Man Himself)
13) BreesNuts – Ryan Hurry
14) Fat Boy – Art Kerry
15) Fraudy Audi – Audi Kowalski

Check out more photos of Convert2Media’s Race Day!

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