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It’s been a while since this thing has been updated, hasn’t it? I think if a blog could gather dust, ours would have. But big things have been happening this year at Convert2Media, and I have so much to catch you up on.

So it’s been a week now and we’ve finally recovered and caught up from ASE. What an awesome trip! It was a lot of fun getting to catch up with some of our affiliates and meet so many new ones.

Jim Whitney macking on some pet lead gen reps.

Steve closing a deal.

We were also proud to share our booth with Mobooka, our sister incent network. If you are running incent/offerwall/co-reg traffic and you aren’t working with Art Kerry or Hunter West, you’re missing out! Need an account? Sign up here.

Art Kerry and Hunter West of Mobooka

We enjoyed drinking beers with everyone who visited the booth and seeing everybody out at parties. We had a pretty sweet party of our own on Tuesday night with some of our affiliates at the Yankees/Rangers game, and it all started with our limo, The Heartbreaker.

The Heartbreaker! (Cue Def Leppard.)

The classy limo that we ordered had engine problems, so we ended up with this beast. I’m not sure I can accurately describe with words how ridiculous this limo was. The inside was like a Panama City strip club. It was black and red (appropriate for C2M, really) with blue lighting and vinyl broken hearts sewn all over the interior. It was a good ride, though, and we still looked like pimps rolling through the Bronx. If only it had a jacuzzi in the back…

The view from the Delta Sky 360 Suite was fabulous and the Yankees played a great game. It was a no hitter for the Yankees up until the 7th Inning, and they shut out the Rangers 3-0. It was a great place to eat good food, drink a beer and talk shop.

View from the Delta Sky 360 Suite

We then took the Heartbreaker to the after party at Kiss & Fly. No pictures will be posted of that to protect the innocent.

Although a lot of partying that took place, much like every other Affiliate Summit, this was a very productive show for us and we’ve got a lot of huge developments on the horizon.

You can expect some major changes to come within our mobile division. Convert2Mobile is expanding rapidly and we’ve got a lot of new offers coming your way, as well as major updates to our mobile platform to improve tracking and better your conversion rates. Sign up with Convert2Mobile if you haven’t already.

I look forward to posting on this blog more often. Stay tuned for more updates!


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