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Introducing 3 New Members To The Team

Posted by: Steve under Convert2Media News


I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself. Let’s meet the new faces of C2M:

Ryan Gray – If you aren’t familiar with you must be living under rock. Ryan has been online since he was 14 years old. Ryan has been involved in all sorts of businesses online over the last decade. His blog, is one of the most read marketing blogs online. He has attended numerous industry events as well as spoken at a number of shows including meetups and BlogWorld Expo. I can tell you on the personal side, I’ve gotten to know Ryan really well and been able to first hand witness his Media buying and marketing capabilities. He’s going to be a tremendous asset to us. Ryan will be working with our larger media buyers on a one-on-one basis to allow us more flexibility and open the network up to even more publishers.

For some who may not know, Ryan and I, along with Steve and Michael are also partnering on another business venture outside together. I can’t really go into it just yet but it’s going to be a real eye opener for starting and struggling affiliate marketers. For now, you can catch Ryan on aim or begin working with him this week. He will be working with mainly Media buyers with specific directions on what to run and where to run it at.

Robert Adler – If you have ever been to the Wickedfire Internet Marketing forums, you have probably seen the name “Bofu2U”. Rob has been active poster there for as long as I can remember and has consistently helped Internet Marketers for years. Rob also has previous Affiliate Management experience with another CPA Network.

Rob owns, operates and writes the Business Caffeine website.  This is a great website containing information on how to jumpstart your small business. Rob talks about General Business, Incorporation, Industry News, and Online Marketing News over.  Rob has been doing SEO for as long as I can remember and has developed some really great tools over the years. I know that whenever there are questions regarding Search Engine Opitmization, ranking your website or building out a good structure to your sites, Rob has been the go to guy online to have these questions answered.

Rob is coming to C2M on the Affiliate Management side. He recently exhibited with us at Adtech and has already brought on new publishers just from his reputation alone.  You can catch Rob now in the IRC chatroom or later this week working with C2M Affiliates.

Kiley Lenstrom – Kiley comes to us as one of the very first publishers of Convert2Media.  He’s been here since the beginning. Matter of fact, Kiley was our largest Referral publisher. Out of all of the publishers participating in the referral program, Kiley topped them all and by far. Over the last two years he’s indirectly responsible for bringing in some of the largest revenue producing publishers that we have seen. Now as a member of C2M, Kiley will have the opportunity to work with those publishers directly.

Kiley has been steadily working online with a background in web development and Search Engine Optimization. He used to participate in our old meetup 202 events. Anyone remember those haha? Kiley has been one of the most loyal supporters of Convert2Media since it began and we welcome him on board with open arms.

Kiley will be working on the Affiliate Management side of the network as well. You can find him online later this week.

These are 3 huge Affiliates and multiple business owners that we have brought on board. I can tell you for the last 3 weeks, I’ve gone thru hell interviewing a number of people who have applied as an affiliate manager with us and I’m so glad I did because we have just added another 3 all-stars to our roster.