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Finally back, unpacked and ready to head into November full steam after attending the Adtech NYC 2010 show. If you happened to miss the show, it was an absolute monster. Tons of ad networks, agenices, affiliate networks, affiliates, advertisers…well you get the idea. The morning of registration I walked into this chaos:

We of course held the fort in booth #1230. A lot more business as far as advertisers go happened this year (thank god, last year was horrible):

As you probably already know if you are working with C2M, we recently switched tracking providers and have partnered with Cake Marketing who I think will be leading the way for Network and Advertiser tracking going into 2011:

As far as friends go, I got to see alot. I was TRULY blow away by all the comments regarding my weightloss. In case you didnt know, I’ve dropped over 90 lbs since February 1st by completing the P90x and Insanity programs. I can tell you it was a lot easier to get my arms around people hahahah.

If you didnt catch my interview with Scott Rewick you really should go listen to it. It’s IMO the best one I have ever done. Scott simply rocks:

Of course Smaxor the owner of Ads4dough, good friend and ally in the CPA Space. We work with them on some of their offers and without hesitation I will be the first to tell you that if you are not signed up with them, you should be. I’ve always considered Smaxor a friend but on the business side, the guy is freakin smart, runs a top-notch affiliate network and has some VERY knowledgeable managers to help scale your business. Ryan Gray from was also there. If you dont know Ryan, you are missing out one absolutely badass Affiliate and multiple Business owner. I got stuck in NYC the last night and Ryan and I were able to talk about some of our upcoming business ventures together. Sorry, I cannot spill the beans right now but let’s just say it will be an eye opener in the Marketing space online :)

As always, I try to meet up with the bloggers I actually read online. These 3 are at the top of my list. Ian Fernando, Adhustler and Riley Pool.

The last night of the conference I got stuck in NYC. Ryan Gray was also stuck so we got a room back at the Marriott. What seemed to be a crappy night quickly changed as Justin (CEO of EliteClicksMedia) text me that they were having a get together at the London in a suite. Ryan and I went over and had an absolute blast. I would like to thank ECM for their hospitality. There is history between me and one of the owners over there but it’s mainly bullshit rumors. Ryan is a great friend of mine and again I will be the first to say that Ryan Machara, Greg Davis and Justin Daves are turning their company into an absolute beast in the Performance Marketing sector online.

What’s next? Looks like Ruckles is heading to Miami Dec 8-10 for Affcon 2010 and then of course Affiliate Summit West Las Vegas in January. Great year in 2010!

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  • – Kris

    Good seeing you guys in NY.

  • Justin

    Hey Ruck, it was great to see you at the show. Thanks for the love on your blog, it’s always a pleasure to see our friends over at C2M and have the opportunity to hang out a bit.

    We wish you all a great holiday season and we’ll see you at ASW!

  • Ryan Gray

    I’ve met a lot of people in this industry over the last decade, but I have to say me and you are a lot alike. Open some eyes we will!!!!!

    great times bro.

  • Riley

    As always it was a pleasure hanging out at your booth and finding out you had new members of the team!


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