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Tips to promote MMORPG Games, Shaiya

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UPDATE 12/1/10:
New, increased rates on Shaiya! Hit me up or ask your AM for a bump.

SHAIYA – INTERNATIONAL is now accepting traffic from the following countries: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Netherland, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Iceland, and Ireland.

In a time before time, when the world was only in darkness, a Goddess came from another dimension named Etaine, with a mission to create the world of Shaiya in harmony and prosperity. Blah, blah, blah. So if you’re like me, you don’t really give two shits about the story that is Shaiya, a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG. You just want to know if it converts and where to run it, right? So here’s the skinny. Read on for tips on how to make this one work and make some coin in the process.

Shaiya converts and it converts very well IF targeting the right demographics (as with most any game). So where do you start? Well first, it’s good to know when you’ll be paid on a lead which on both Shaiya campaigns we’ve got, payout occurs after a successful new user registration on page two, prior to the download. So essentially, the flow is very similar to that of a single opt in browser game and you get paid whether the user ever downloads and plays or not. Our advertiser is mainly interested in the data and so they’re paying out on the registration – 3 fields, DOB and a captcha confirmation. Pretty simple. Here’s a Preview of the Registration Page.

Next, let’s find our target demo shall we. I typically use Quantcast to get started and dig down from there. So go over to and type in or check out the screenshot here.

So the core demos are Males 13-17 and a close second are Males 18-34. However, Aeria’s ideal demographics are males 18-35, so focus on this demo and you’ll like find more conversions and better quality at the end of the day. You can target females as well in the same age bracket but the bulk of interest is from the male demo. You should also notice that there’s a big pull from the Asian scene and the majority of visitors aren’t educated (no college, low income), which I’m not overly concerned with to be honest.

Aside from demographic stats make sure to check out what the audience also likes on the right column. The ‘Affinity’ rating is what’s important here. Apparently, The Cartoon Network is pretty popular but in this case I’d rather scour the web for similar games, sites and portals that are consistent with Asian Gamers and/or with interest in fantasy MMORPG games and similarly related topics such as anime, fantasy, role playing, cartoons, etc.

You can promote this offer on the content network, display and contextual cpv/ppv networks. No Social or Facebook Display traffic allowed on this but if you’re a gaming pub and know how to target specific demographics (other than age targeting) hit me up and we can discuss running a small test. CPMStar and Ad4Game could be good sources and offer plenty of inventory for this niche and if you’re taking the cpv/ppv route, here’s a few domains to pop off… Online/ Online/ Online Role-Playing/

Ugh…I could go on for days with this but hopefully you get the picture here and can take this and hit the ground running. If you have any questions or need any help to get Shaiya campaigns setup shoot me an email or holler at your AM. We’ve got the following two campaigns for Shaiya…

SHAIYA – US, CA – $1.10

If you’re not a big fan of Shaiya, check out these games which are sure fire winners…


If MMO games aren’t your thang, we’ve got some great casual games right now for browser and download. Got questions? Shoot me an email or get with your AM. Have a great weekend guys and gals and make sure to capitalize on some of that weekend gaming traffic that’s floating out there in the ether!

PS – For all those who read through my entire rant here and are interested in testing Shaiya, I’ve got a little reward nugget for ya! Click Here to download Search Analytics from on Shaiya.

Black Friday PPV Tips

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Kiley, one of the newest members of C2M wrote this diddy and it contains a lot of linked references for your motivated affiliate marketing viewing pleasure: Black Friday has maintained it’s status as the biggest shopping day of the year in both sales and customer traffic for the past seven years.

Regardless of the fact that the economy is still in shambles, and that people have been spending less and less, next week will likely be the biggest Black Friday in years.

Why? Well, Americans love to spend (and save) money on things they really don’t need in the first place.

There are about ten really good sites on the web dedicated to Black Friday. is the most popular of them all amongst Black Friday fanatics having made the national news numerous times. Easy access to scanned ads, great navigation, branding, and cool contests have really set BFAds apart from the rest.

BFAds, in particular, dedicates two pages on they’re site to each retailer participating in Black Friday. One for the actual ad scan and one for an item list.

Why not pop a $1000 Best Buy Gift Card Email Submit over the two Best Buy pages? Or maybe a $500 American Eagle Zip Submit over the American Eagle pages? See where I’m going with this. We’ve got a Zip Submit or Email Submit for most major retailers participating in Black Friday.

Oh, and it gets better! Let’s drill down a bit. HA! See that Wii Fit Bundle Target is selling? Yeah, we’ve got an offer for that. Or how about the 32” Samsung LCD HDTV BJ’s Wholesale is hocking? Got an offer for that one, too!

And to add to the fun, each item from the ad scans has it’s own page. Just use the search, enter the item, then click on the camera icon.

The people that are visiting the aforementioned types of pages are qualified. They are there because they want that specific item. It doesn’t get much more targeted than that.

And it doesn’t stop with Black Friday. There is Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving), and Super Saturday (the Saturday before Christmas). The traffic to these sites is going to be there right on through to New Year.

You can really go nuts with this on PPV. Have fun! Mind your budget. And hit your AM up if you need anything.

AffCon 2010 Miami Dec. 8-10th

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The Affcon 2010 conference is quickly approaching. This year the venue will be at the Fairmont – Turnberry Isle on December 8th – 10th. Ryan Gray one of C2M’s newest Media Buying Consultants will be in attendance with me this year. We will be out on the exhibit floor as well as some of the keynotes and speaking sessions.

It may be a little soon for another conference post but going into 2011 it looks like at least one trade show a month for me as well as some upcoming coaching seminars that we will be hosting and releasing around the country, so if you are going to AffCon 2010 then hit me or Ryan up in the next couple of weeks to schedule a meetup, otherwise, him and I will be escaping the conference chaos and taking it to the beach!

Introducing 3 New Members To The Team

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I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself. Let’s meet the new faces of C2M:

Ryan Gray – If you aren’t familiar with you must be living under rock. Ryan has been online since he was 14 years old. Ryan has been involved in all sorts of businesses online over the last decade. His blog, is one of the most read marketing blogs online. He has attended numerous industry events as well as spoken at a number of shows including meetups and BlogWorld Expo. I can tell you on the personal side, I’ve gotten to know Ryan really well and been able to first hand witness his Media buying and marketing capabilities. He’s going to be a tremendous asset to us. Ryan will be working with our larger media buyers on a one-on-one basis to allow us more flexibility and open the network up to even more publishers.

For some who may not know, Ryan and I, along with Steve and Michael are also partnering on another business venture outside together. I can’t really go into it just yet but it’s going to be a real eye opener for starting and struggling affiliate marketers. For now, you can catch Ryan on aim or begin working with him this week. He will be working with mainly Media buyers with specific directions on what to run and where to run it at.

Robert Adler – If you have ever been to the Wickedfire Internet Marketing forums, you have probably seen the name “Bofu2U”. Rob has been active poster there for as long as I can remember and has consistently helped Internet Marketers for years. Rob also has previous Affiliate Management experience with another CPA Network.

Rob owns, operates and writes the Business Caffeine website.  This is a great website containing information on how to jumpstart your small business. Rob talks about General Business, Incorporation, Industry News, and Online Marketing News over.  Rob has been doing SEO for as long as I can remember and has developed some really great tools over the years. I know that whenever there are questions regarding Search Engine Opitmization, ranking your website or building out a good structure to your sites, Rob has been the go to guy online to have these questions answered.

Rob is coming to C2M on the Affiliate Management side. He recently exhibited with us at Adtech and has already brought on new publishers just from his reputation alone.  You can catch Rob now in the IRC chatroom or later this week working with C2M Affiliates.

Kiley Lenstrom – Kiley comes to us as one of the very first publishers of Convert2Media.  He’s been here since the beginning. Matter of fact, Kiley was our largest Referral publisher. Out of all of the publishers participating in the referral program, Kiley topped them all and by far. Over the last two years he’s indirectly responsible for bringing in some of the largest revenue producing publishers that we have seen. Now as a member of C2M, Kiley will have the opportunity to work with those publishers directly.

Kiley has been steadily working online with a background in web development and Search Engine Optimization. He used to participate in our old meetup 202 events. Anyone remember those haha? Kiley has been one of the most loyal supporters of Convert2Media since it began and we welcome him on board with open arms.

Kiley will be working on the Affiliate Management side of the network as well. You can find him online later this week.

These are 3 huge Affiliates and multiple business owners that we have brought on board. I can tell you for the last 3 weeks, I’ve gone thru hell interviewing a number of people who have applied as an affiliate manager with us and I’m so glad I did because we have just added another 3 all-stars to our roster.

Back From Adtech NYC

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Finally back, unpacked and ready to head into November full steam after attending the Adtech NYC 2010 show. If you happened to miss the show, it was an absolute monster. Tons of ad networks, agenices, affiliate networks, affiliates, advertisers…well you get the idea. The morning of registration I walked into this chaos:

We of course held the fort in booth #1230. A lot more business as far as advertisers go happened this year (thank god, last year was horrible):

As you probably already know if you are working with C2M, we recently switched tracking providers and have partnered with Cake Marketing who I think will be leading the way for Network and Advertiser tracking going into 2011:

As far as friends go, I got to see alot. I was TRULY blow away by all the comments regarding my weightloss. In case you didnt know, I’ve dropped over 90 lbs since February 1st by completing the P90x and Insanity programs. I can tell you it was a lot easier to get my arms around people hahahah.

If you didnt catch my interview with Scott Rewick you really should go listen to it. It’s IMO the best one I have ever done. Scott simply rocks:

Of course Smaxor the owner of Ads4dough, good friend and ally in the CPA Space. We work with them on some of their offers and without hesitation I will be the first to tell you that if you are not signed up with them, you should be. I’ve always considered Smaxor a friend but on the business side, the guy is freakin smart, runs a top-notch affiliate network and has some VERY knowledgeable managers to help scale your business. Ryan Gray from was also there. If you dont know Ryan, you are missing out one absolutely badass Affiliate and multiple Business owner. I got stuck in NYC the last night and Ryan and I were able to talk about some of our upcoming business ventures together. Sorry, I cannot spill the beans right now but let’s just say it will be an eye opener in the Marketing space online :)

As always, I try to meet up with the bloggers I actually read online. These 3 are at the top of my list. Ian Fernando, Adhustler and Riley Pool.

The last night of the conference I got stuck in NYC. Ryan Gray was also stuck so we got a room back at the Marriott. What seemed to be a crappy night quickly changed as Justin (CEO of EliteClicksMedia) text me that they were having a get together at the London in a suite. Ryan and I went over and had an absolute blast. I would like to thank ECM for their hospitality. There is history between me and one of the owners over there but it’s mainly bullshit rumors. Ryan is a great friend of mine and again I will be the first to say that Ryan Machara, Greg Davis and Justin Daves are turning their company into an absolute beast in the Performance Marketing sector online.

What’s next? Looks like Ruckles is heading to Miami Dec 8-10 for Affcon 2010 and then of course Affiliate Summit West Las Vegas in January. Great year in 2010!