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So You Want To Be An Affiliate Millionaire?

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Before we start this post, for all the non-Convert2Media publishers who dont know me we may need a flash of credibility here.

<Insert credibility here>

  1. I myself was a publisher for 3 years making a living online. I know the grind. I know what is possible from the Affiliate trenches.
  2. I coach, train and manage millionaires. From Yearly Millionaires to Monthly Millionaires – I’ve had the priviledge of working with them.
  3. I Moderate one of the largest Internet Marketing Forums Online which has quite a few Millionaires that I know personally.
  4. I also own my own Internet Marketing Forum which it very self contains Millionaires.
  5. I attend Tradeshows and meet new Millionaires every trip from places such as Affiliate Summit and Adtech.

There’s something about a Million Dollars that just get people’s brain a bumbling. Mr. Green (which btw is one of the few blogs I read) posted a great post the other day How To Become An Affiliate Millionaire In Three Years.  I read it 3 times because there is so much there, that is so true. I wanted to touch on what I felt were a few keypoints that he posted.

  • Surround Yourself With Smart People – This goes without saying. There is a special aura with successful people. Matter of fact, I’ve met a lot of assholes in my day but not one of them was a Millionaire (that I know of). Typically, the high rolling affiliates that I meet are open to suggestions AND criticism. Matter of fact, most of them feed off criticism. Anything that is pointed out to them that they could do better, they eat this up. This goes with having a huge pair of kahunas as well as the ability to process criticism in a positive manner. Forums and mastermind groups are great but if you want to meet some badasses, try to get out to a trade show here and there. You would be surprised how many millionaires you can find at Affiliate Summit and Adtech.
  • Get As Many Distribution Channels As Possible – T R A F F I C  I S  K I N G. Period. You need to gobble up every traffic source you can. The Net changes at an alarmingly quick pace. Regulations, site guidelines, affiliate competition. It all plays a huge role in how long that successful campaign will last on a traffic source. Besides, the “dont keep your eggs in one basket” rings true. Sadly, I saw a lot of affiliates over the last year completely stop affiliate marketing because Google closed their campaigns. Fuck Google, the grass is greener without them anyway. Trust me, I see amazing things every day from Publishers who dont even bother with them.
  • Be An Unrelenting Machine – I have a famous phrase that gets repeated to me at almost every show. I dont even know where this phrase is at but somewhere in my journey online I once type out “Nobody owes you shit, Nobody is ever going to give you shit”. It baffles me how many people come to me at tradeshows and repeat this to me. You have got to develop a mindset like nobody else can. Failure is not an option, no matter how much you quit, no matter how much money you lose, Failure is not an option. Committment is 100% or nothing at all.  Make a plan, set goals, achieve them, scale. Dont ever stop. Dont ever get comfortable. I’ve gotten comfortable before and I cant tell you how much of a bitch it is to come back from nothing to something. However, it can be done, I’ve done it. Repeatedly.
  • Always Keep Your Door/Inbox Open – This one was very compelling to me. You never know who you are going to meet, you never know who you may end up talking to at 3 am. The Internet is a funny thing. You might feel alone because you are always online working on your business but guess what? There are thousands of us just like you doing the same thing. You are not alone, but you have to be open to meeting people and talking. Opportunities present themselves at the weirdest moments, you have to be prepared.
  • Stick With It – Never give up. Man, I cannot stress this enough. I watch people give up every day, but I also see new people everyday come in. If this shit was easy, everyone would do it. It’s not easy. In fact, it’s probably going to be the hardest shit you ever try to accomplish but dammit, it can be done, it’s being done. There really are no secrets in this business, just a lack of information and knowledge you havent acquired yet. Keep working, you will get there. Instant Success rarely exists. You are going to have to work for it and possibly go thru hell to get there but that’s what it takes.

Thanks again to Mr. Green for the awesome post. In closing, I want to leave you with my Facebook message that goes along with everything that I have said. Read it, learn it, do it.

I Do The Things Most People Wont, I Sacrifice What Most People Cant, So That I Can Live The Way Most People Dont.