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Not a day goes by that a publisher hits me up regarding Email Submits and Zip submits. “Ruck, how can I scale this?”, “How can I get traffic to this”? As old as it gets, I never miss an opportunity to razzle dazzle a newbie or prove someone wrong. Ok so, there’s a ton of information that could follow here but honestly, I’m going to do one example here and if it doesnt teach you how to open your mind and be more creative, then I guess submits arent your cup of tea. However, I challenge you to clear your mind, pay close attention and read this more than once if that’s what it takes because from owning a network and working with affiliates all day, I can tell you for every 1 affiliate who cant make this work, there is going to be hundreds if not thousands that do.

Here we go:

The offer I’m going to use from C2M is a zip submit - 3021 $250 Grocery Gift Card – Preview.

First off, I need you to CLOSELY look at this offer…


Why? Because the first targeting tip is right in your face…

You see chips Ahoy, Tropicana, cheerios, Coca Cola?

Ok, but hold up here because I want you to be able to scale big, and targeting those without REALLY thinking is going to cause you to miss out on a lot of traffic. What are those products exactly? Cookies, Orange Juice, Cereal, Soda Pop.

Ok now we are on the right track!

  • Ruck: What’s in a grocery store?
  • You: Groceries Ruck
  • Ruck: Yea but specifics newb
  • You: what like milk, bread, vegetables?
  • Ruck: DING DING!

How about this. Develop a keyword list of stuff you can think of in a grocery store. Say bread, milk, cheese, soda pop. Wait, people search for this stuff?

According to Google here is approx. Global Monthly searches:

  1. bread – 16,600,00
  2. Milk – 20,400,000
  3. Cheese – 20,400,000
  4. soda pop – 201,000

Jeez, right there is more than enough volume to get that tickle in your groin but let’s get deeper into this. Harder, Smarter, Faster. That’s how you win this game.  Let’s take a look at the keyword “bread” because there is an absolute ton of types of bread out there and guess what? More volume yay!

  1. pumpkin bread – 201,000
  2. sourdough bread – 110,000
  3. wheat bread – 368,000
  4. banana bread – 1,000,000

Holy crap! That’s just a few too. Think about milk, soda pop, cereal. The list goes on. There are many “TYPES” of groceries. So to recap, target grocery keywords, then target “types of groceries”. Check.

Moving along…

Now we have brand names. Let’s look at Cereal, off the top of my head I think of “kellogs”, “raisin bran” “fruity pebbles” (My favorite FYI), “special K”. There are so many brand names of cereal it’s unreal. Same with milk, bread, soda pop. Do you see what I am getting at here? People searching for there everyday + Grocery Gift Card = New Lambo next month.

Moving along…

Now we have 3 targets here:

  • Grocery Words
  • Grocery Word Types
  • Grocery Word Brand Names

What else?

Start all over, search the big 3 search engines and scrape every url from the first two result pages. Scrape the results for grocery words, grocery word types, grocery word brands, and then when you’re done with that, scrape all those newb ass competitors who think they know what they are doing and take that traffic too. If that doesnt keep you busy next year in scaling and developing a large marketing strategy for such a simple offer, I honestly am worried about you.

Read it over an over again, think of what’s in a grocery store. Specific products, break product into specific types, break products and specific types into brand names. I bet we circle back next year at this time and you dont even scratch the surface of the available traffic for such an easy offer. Which amazes me when I hear someone “balling” with such an offer at a few hundred leads a day.

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  • Ricky

    Great post Ruck, now i need to get my ass to run some of my campaigns. :-)

  • John

    Great post! What traffic suggestions do you have for promoting this offer? PPV, Content Network, PPC? I would imagine PPC may not work because it has a somewhat lower payout and with scrubbing action, it may be hard to “ball” all out.

  • Ryan Gray

    Nice post Ruck. I use to utilize a similar method on Google’s Content Network and killed a few of these offers. Biggest problem I ran into was that when I hit a TON of volume the advertisers would boot me. I’d rotate offers, move to different networks, etc. Sometimes I could last on an offer for 3 – 4 months but eventually I got the plug pulled.

    What’s your advice on this bro? I personally wouldn’t object to start running these bad boys again, but I don’t want to be pulled every time I start some nice numbers. I understand the traffic has to back out for them, but if I’m using the same traffic and they LOVE it one month and booth me the next, what gives?

  • B

    Always appreciate the insight, Ruck. Thanks once again.

  • TramayneP

    Damn Ruck You are the TRUTH!!!! I actually caught myself giggling at how simple you made this.

  • phoenix

    Always good stuff Ruck. Keep the faith.

  • James

    Some great info here, but which traffic sources do you recommend for zips? I thought that a lot of the ‘main’ ones frown upon them now? ;)

  • Ruck

    Traffic Sources and Keeping off the scrub of the addy. Good points, let’s make a short series here covering these next two parts. Give me this afternoon, answers will be here in the AM.

  • vasrue

    Good Post!

  • Mike@Market

    Some of the best advice I have seen in some time. Excellent post.

  • TheGuvna

    Thanks for the post. Traffic sources seem to be the issue a lot of guys have with offers like these and rebills these days. Promoting them usually isn’t the issue… thanks!

  • justAIMe

    As always a great post from Ruck. Thanks a lot for this post I’ve been in a rut lately and can’t seem to dust off my ole’ thinking cap. This got the wheels turning a bit thanks much!

  • Pittsburgh Internet Marketing Services


    Thanks for the post.

    I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say about traffic sources, and also about avoiding being pulled from the offer by the addy.

    It can be tough to promote these offers via PPC and some of the bigger traffic sources (such as FB) don’t allow these types of offers. Any insight you could provide about traffic sources would be much appreciated.

  • Lee

    In my case I have no problem finding keyword lists. I have problems finding traffic sources that allow this kind of offer and aren’t worthless.

  • Steve

    Scrape tools of choice these days?

  • cj

    I think he means PPV. But you can lose your shirt if you don’t know what you are doing.

  • DMitry

    Thanks for “out of the box” post :-) But main question – WHERE TO TAKE TRAFFIC? AdWords? SEO?

  • Anes

    Thanks for the post.

    So then how can win the competition to suck traffic from the major SE like Google if millions of people already doing the same technique?

  • Brad

    Putting this to the test today! Thanks for the great tip, it really opened my eyes to expanding my keywords. I have always done well with these submit offers but have never been able to get enough traffic to make it worthwhile. I am so excited to put this to work I cant stand it. I am stuck in my day job just itching to get home and do some “real” work

  • Brad

    Would it be a good idea for each keyword to write separate ad copy?

  • Dimas

    Harder, Smarter, Faster –> MOTIVATION. Nice share. :)


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