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The following post is an unsolicited preview of the ubot tool. I dont do paid reviews or any of that crap but I will recommend a cool tool publishers when I trust the creators. I know a Co-Owner of the tool who also participates as a Moderator in a forum I am a member of. There are no affiliate links contained in this post but C2M Publishers can get $50.00 off with coupon “c2m199″ at this link.

For a much more detailed review, check out Barman’s uBot review. He also has a ubot coupon available so if you are a generous marketer feel free to give him the commission.

I could sit here and write all day on what a tool like this could do for you but I think they sum it up real nice in the video below:

To see a little bit of it in action check out Barman’s post on the Quantcast Affinity Scraper. Some of the other things Ubot can do are:

  • let’s you create nearly any bot without any programming knowledge
  • Point and click interface for the novice users
  • allows you to build your own bots which could be sold as your “very own”.
  • Lifetime License
  • 3 full years of updates and support

Speaking of support, it’s going to be top notch from these guys. Already they have a ubot blog, ubot forum and ubot tutorials online.

Check it out and use coupon “c2m199″ or read Barman’s much more indepth uBot review.

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