What I Think Of The Recession

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No idea why this question keeps getting brought up but it seems throughout a lot of the forums and blogs I frequent, everyone is throwing their two cents in on how/why the recession is going to effect affiliate marketing. After speaking with publishers, the question has been brought up more times than I care to mention so I will answer a once and for all type of answer here.

What do I think of the recession?

I simply think you need to STOP thinking about it and finish your work. If you finish early, it’s probably time for you to research another project. If you spend your time wisely working online, there wouldn’t be anytime for some dumbass fancy car, night outs paying for everthing or meeting that new chick that makes you go broke trying to impress. If you had your nose buried in your business and actually took it seriously, you would not even notice a recession. Why? Because I haven’t.

Do I think a recession will hurt affiliate marketers?

I think that others thinking about recession and affiliate marketing and then writing about it does hurt people at some point. Instead of thinking about a recession, why dont you think about how you can currently extend that 200% ROI campaign into a 300% ROI Campaign? I realize a lot of bloggers out there want to be opinionated and are completely entitled to say whatever I want but seriously…It makes you look like a complete moron talking about it in a negative light. In the CPA Industry it’s been nothing short of a blessing.

Do I think it will get worse?

Do I care really? No. I manage and build and I dont look up. I would suggest you do the same. By the time you realize that a recession was going on, it will be about that time that we pull thru it.

Recession talk is crap. If you got time to sit around and talk about it, then you’re not working hard enough. Writing this post was crap too but maybe if you see it, you wont be inclined to bring everyone else down by talking about it. That’s all.

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  • b2b guy

    While admittedly there are a few hard luck stories and unfortunate circumstances, the big losers (and I don’t mean in a personal “you’re a loser” type of way) are mismanaged companies and extraneous employees. So long as there is still items of worth on the planet, someone is succeeding. There is just less room to be mediocre and still win.


    Just hit these whiners with a FREEZE POP Ruck

  • Ryan

    Good Shitty Post Partner!!

    I’m glad you decided to wright on the topic, because I’m really tired of hearing people complain and talk as if it’s the end of the world.

    Let’s just make some money!! Period!!

  • Kristy


    You are a smart fellow, you really have no idea why this question of the economy in crisis keeps popping up? Maybe it’s just not affecting you as it is many of Americans. Lucky you :)

  • C2M Ruck


    The point I want to reiterate though is I try to keep myself in 1 position online. Building more for myself, our company, and helping whoever/whenever I can along the way. The very thought of someone bringing it up when it really is not relevant is just sort of irritating.

  • Chris Monty

    Recessions suck. There’s no two ways about it. I just wish everyone would keep their heads on straight.


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