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It’s scary to think the uneducated affiliates out there who are either banking enough to live on or just struggling to get the hang of how to get traffic to offers. Let me start off by saying that there is a TON of choices of how to get traffic but only very few are even spoken of. Buying Media Placements can be a dead simple way of successfully promoting offers without the knowledge of even building a website. Far too many people take the Search Engine route and I can tell you that it takes a tremendous amount of patience, tolerance, testing, tweaking and capital to make it worth your while. If your an affiliate earning a few hundred dollars a day and are happy with it, then this post is not for you. I am trying to tap into the minds of those who are serious about money and serious on testing alternative methods that can actually replace your current ones.

Now you are probably expecting me to throw a bone here on some information but the truth of the matter is that nobody and I mean nobody could even begin to explain such methods. Join us in the Web and Banner Advertising Section of the Affiliate Training Center and start participating in discussions and asking questions.

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